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ハーネマン・ホメオパシー財団について About the Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation

The Hahnemann Homoeopathic Foundation aims to develop and promote homoeopathic medicine, according to the guidelines of Samuel Hahnemann, as written in the sixth edition of his Organon of medicine and in Chronic diseases. Homoeopathy has developed in stages during Hahnemann’s life. Some elements that are of great importance for the practical application of his medicine, therefore remained underexposed or fell into oblivion.

The differences between the ‘early’ and later homoeopathy in Hahnemann’s life became obvious in for example the miasma theory and in relation to that, the use of homoeopathic medicine potential. Elaborate studies showed that a lot of what Hahnemann wrote in hos standard works, is not being used in everyday homoeopathic practice. To make sure that Hahnemann’s impulses are being exposed in the homoeopathic field, the Hahnemann Homoeopathic Foundation was founded.

With no intentions to place Hahnemann on a pedestal or to elevate his theory to a dogma, we can state that it is every homeopath’s ‘duty’ to thoroughly study and understand Hahnemann’s works, before putting it aside. Just like an artist can not make real, authentic artworks before he fully masters the fundamental techniques, of like we can only make mathematical calculations if we know the digits. Samuel Hahnemann was a genius, who worked on ‘his’ homoeopathy for 50 years and kept developing it, like a sculptor looking for the perfect shape. It would be a little too pretentious to set him aside without trying to master the fruits of his efforts as much as possible.

Everything you read on this website is related to the works of Hahnemann, or completely in line with his natural-scientific ideas. The consequence for the homoeopathist is, as we know from experience, a quality impulse and better practical performances.


The Hahnemann Homoeopathy Foundation was established in 2002. It’s mission is to promote the familiarity with, and the effectiveness of homoeopathy, as founded by Samuel Hahnemann, in the world.

The Foundation organizes the following activities in order to accomplish that mission:

  • Organizing study days to enhance the skills of using the disease classification

  • Organizing evaluation meetings and stimulating mutual consultation

  • Mutual replacement during vacations and sickness

  • Provide accessibility during evenings and nights

  • Publications, articles (e.g. special literature), books websites

  • Promoting homoeopathy through participation in conferences and seminars

  • Enabling traineeships for students and experienced homoeopaths

  • Organizing supplementary training in the use of the disease classification

  • Provide, after successfully completing an exam, a certificate of proficiency ‘disease classification’

  • Provide supervision for novice homoeopaths

  • Organize a training classic homoeopath

  • Support the activities of the Dutch professional organization for homoeopaths: the NVKH

  • Supports the activities of the Dutch patient organization: the KVHN


 About homeopathy



The word homoeopathy is a contraction of two Greek words: homoios (similar) and pothos (suffer). This refers to the therapy form. The therapy uses healing impulses that would result in the same clinical pictures for both healthy and sick people. It is a denomination that has been used by Hahnemann and that is still in use, also in traditional medical science.


If you are interested in seminars, courses or tutoring based on the philosophical points of view made below, please email us.

Ewald Stöteler will be leading these seminars, courses or tutoring with thoroughness and expediency, based on his 25 years of practicing homeopathy according to the basic assumptions cited below.


Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation, by Ewald Stöteler

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Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation (by Ewald Stöteler)
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